Mike Briers

Chief Executive Officer

Michael is one of Australia’s most respected e-research thought leaders and public-private sector entrepreneurs. Since 2001, Michael has led the growth of SIRCA to become one of the world’s preeminent professional e-research infrastructure providers. Today SIRCA provides services and financial market and news data to over 400 universities, regulators and commercial clients world-wide.


Over this period, Michael has led a range of public interest initiatives including the successful establishment of Intersect Australia Ltd, which is now the peak e-research organization for NSW servicing research domains as diverse as the creative arts, humanities, health and climate change. Most recently, he has become a Founding Member of Conscious Capitalism Australia, to support the evolution of conscious business practices in Australia.

His current ambition for SIRCA is to leverage its proven track-record of success in the global financial research community to develop a new generation of data-intensive research support services, infrastructure and tools for financial services as well as other export-focused service industries such as tourism, design and digital media. In addition, Michael is looking to establish new forms of professional postgraduate education to equip tomorrow’s global data science professionals with the skills they’ll need to take advantage of these new advanced tools.

During his academic career prior to joining SIRCA, Michael’s primary research and teaching interests were in organizational change and value-based management. Michael has won several prestigious teaching awards including the Australian Award for University Teaching (1998) in Business and Economics for his work relating to the integration of experiential learning, knowledge management practices and contemporary process based change management strategies. Michael has also consulted widely to the corporate and government sector on a wide range of assignments including data management, cost and process benchmarking and organizational change. This has included expert witness work in the field of activity based management and costing.

Satish Nair

Chief Finance Officer & Company Secretary

Satish Nair is a Chartered Accountant with several years of experience within the financial services sector. He was the CFO of Reuters Australia until 2007, following which he was the Director of Financial Planning & Decision support at First Data, a KKR company.


Satish joined SIRCA in 2012. Satish oversees the finance, human resource and legal functions of SIRCA Ltd & SIRCA Technology Pty Ltd in his capacity as CFO and Company Secretary of both entities.

Nicholle McNiece

Head of Academic Services

Nicholle joined SIRCA to manage the Academic Services function. Communicating with existing SIRCA members, subscribers and data providers, Nicholle will oversee product delivery and support, sales and marketing and account management, in addition to exploring growth opportunities relevant to SIRCA’s mission.


Nicholle previously worked in sales and marketing, account management and user experience for Wharton Research Data Services at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Nicholle is a graduate of Royal Academy of Music in London majoring in vocal performance.

David Simmonds

Director, Data and Research

David has considerable experience with the challenges confronted by today’s researcher community. His education comes from several of Australia’s leading universities, where he has been a researcher, teacher and manager of a centre for research in finance. He has developed and built highly regarded data sets for researchers of Australian capital markets.


David also consults on data sources for Australia’s largest business school, where the efficient use of research funds is imperative.

David’s focus within SIRCA is on improving the quality of resources for member researchers. This has included better training services, more accessible and informative documentation, clearer web page layouts, and methods to improve the quality of data content within and between delivered services.

Rasika Amarasiri

Data Analyst

Rasika joined SIRCA in 2012, initially working part time and moving to a full time position in 2015. Rasika has a unique background and a skill set that has been acquired through his past employments. Prior to joining SIRCA, Rasika was the Research IT Services Manager at the Department of Accounting and Finance in Monash University.


Rasika has been helping researchers at Monash by providing them advice on financial databases and optimized and efficient processing of data. Through this work, Rasika has gained a wealth of knowledge on financial databases in the market and their uses in academic research.

He obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Information Technology in Monash University. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Engineering (honours) and the Master of Science degrees from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Prior to his PhD, Rasika has held various positions in the industry and academia including being the Hostmaster for the .LK domain registry, web master, systems administrator, consultant and lecturer.