Sirca DataConsults

Sirca members are able to access the Sirca DataConsult team for assistance in accessing complex, non-standard or unwieldy data to support their research objectives. Examples include gaining access to the ASX CHESS database (see this post for more details on CHESS), accessing forms of data which are not downloadable from our online resources, and mashing data across multiple sources.

Our DataConsult team is expert in curating data for academic research and as a result tends to suffer from having a large number of requests to complete. We try hard to fulfill these requests as rapidly and efficiently as possible, however due to their nature and the economics of the academic segment it is not always possible to turn these jobs around quickly, particularly at peak times of the academic year when research projects are beginning.

At present we are also having to recreate our software request libraries for ASX data due to third party coypright issues which have emerged recently, as well as modernising some of the infrastructure which underpins data retrieval.

As a result there is currently quite a big backlog being managed by the team. In order to try and tackle the workload, we are seconding additional resource to the DataConsult function, however we do ask for understanding from members whilst we get to grips with things.

As a reminder, the current process to submit a DataConsult job is to submit a formal request using the DataConsult form. The form can be accesses from this page, by clicking on the “Data Consult Form” link at the bottom of the page. Requestees will note that this prompts you for a password. This password is held by the designated Sirca liaison point within your university; this steps act as validation for your research request by your university. Get in touch with us if you need to know who to contact for your university password.