Global Morningstar Data

Access to Global Morningstar data, powered by the Rozetta Institute

For the first time, universities have access to a new global academic platform that provides curated global data for more than 46,000 companies across world markets. As part of SIRCA’s commitment to researchers, the new data sets include:
  • Global Tick Data
  • Global End-of-Day Data
  • Global Funds Management Data

This data is relevant across many disciplines including: accounting, data science, economics, finance and law.

A base subscription gives researchers access to:
  • ASX Full Order Book
  • Chi-X Full Order Book
  • ASX End-of-Day dataset
  • Morningstar Global Company Data
  • CoreLogic Residential Property Data for Australia and New Zealand
  • The SIRCA Gateway platform, which offers an easy approach to advanced cloud-based tools to analyse vast amounts of data

The Global Morningstar data. powered by the Rozetta Institute, provides greater opportunities for research collaboration and innovation.

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