Gateway Platform

SIRCA Gateway will drive innovation and insight for members

SIRCA has launched the SIRCA Gateway which enables members to access new and improved data sets. The SIRCA Gateway also offers advanced cloud based tools to analyse vast amounts of data. The powerful Databricks analytics engine is integrated within the Gateway. Databricks was founded out of the UC Berkeley AMPLab by the team that created Apache Spark. Databricks is a commercial grade SaaS solution. There’s no need to download data, copy it, back it up or set up your own computing resources. You can create advanced analytics in the cloud or choose to download and work offline in your environment if you prefer.

Databricks changes the game completely:

  • Work with large analytic datasets with greater granularity and instruments
  • Run simple SQL queries or advanced analytic programs written in R, Python or Scala
  • Join data sets based on your own logic
  • Speed up queries with faster processing power
  • Improve teamwork with an integrated, multi-user workspace
  • Achieve transparency through notebook sharing
  • Coming soon – the ability to import external data