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SIRCA provides timely insight into the changing world of data and analytics. We aim to help you understand the data collections and how to best utilise the embedded analytics in the SIRCA Gateway to its full extent. We have uploaded a series of WebLearn videos that will help you get started with SIRCA Gateway and provide an overview of the data collections available to you.


You can also participate in our webinars which are interactive tutorials that can be tailored to your needs. The session times can range from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the depth of information required, and are free for SIRCA users. If you are interested in SIRCA webinars, or have a topic you would like to hear more about, please contact us.


Our Youtube channel offers a range of educational WebLearn videos that will enable you to have an understanding of the type of data collections that we provide.

SIRCA Gateway WebLearns

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SIRCA Third Party Data WebLearns

Through its trusted relationship with the ASX, SIRCA has been facilitating access to this secure ASX data for authorised Member university researchers since 1995. Interested researchers must submit a research proposal and application for ASX approval. SIRCA generates metrics within the ASX and provides secure delivery of results to approved researchers.
CoreLogic Australia (CLAU) The CoreLogic RP Data Monthly Home Value Index aims to measure movements in the value of Australian housing markets. More…
Rather than relying solely on transacted sale prices to provide a measure of housing market conditions, the CoreLogic RP Data Monthly Home Value Index is based on ‘hedonic imputation’ methodology which considers the attributes of properties as part of the analysis. This method measures capital gains in housing markets while minimising the impact of compositional change.
CoreLogic New Zealand (CLNZ) CoreLogic New Zealand aims to provide researchers with greater insights into New Zealand’s most valuable property class. More…
Their New Zealand Residential Sales Index, which is based on the SPAR method, contains aggregate pricing measures for over one hundred New Zealand localities from December 2003 onwards. Two other New Zealand property data sets from CoreLogic are their Sales Transactions and Listings extracts for individual residential properties. Access to individual tradable property records is subject to an approval process upon application.

Legacy Data WebLearns

Australian Share Price & Prices Relatives (SPPR) SIRCA’s SPPR Database contains monthly Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) share price movements and total shareholder return, company names and ASX code changes dating back to the 1950s. More…
The SPPR database recognises the impact on share prices of dividends (both including and excluding franking credits), stock splits, bonus issues and other capitalisation changes, to correctly assess monthly total shareholder returns for each company. It retains all information for delisted companies and the reasons for delisting. Number of listed shares and industry classifications are recorded and together are used to generate and provide value-weighted indices for the entire market and industry level sub-groups.
Corporate Governance (CG) Corporate Governance refers to the system of structures, rights, duties and obligations by which corporations are directed and controlled. More…
It influences the way in which companies set and achieve their objectives. SIRCA’s Corporate Governance (CG) Database seeks to capture relevant information about methods used to align the interests of management and shareholders. The dataset targets the largest 500 domestic non-ETF, non-trust and non-stapled ASX listed companies by market capitalisation as at June 30 each year. In addition, SIRCA’s CG Database back fills years to 2001 when new companies enter the list, and continues recording information for those companies who have ever been in the list. SIRCA’s CG Database is one of the most accessed services from our diverse product range.
Australian Company Announcements (ACA) SIRCA’s ACA database holds over 2.2 million announcements from Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed companies. More…
Every ASX listed company must keep the market informed through continuous disclosure. These disclosures are received by the ASX as PDFs, or even facsimile (fax) transmissions. Each announcement is processed by SIRCA to expose the underlying text and provide researchers with a powerful search engine on that data. The ACA collection dates back to December 1991 and is updated daily.
Australian Equities Tick History (AETH) SIRCA’s AETH database offers a historical archive of full order book history for trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) dating back to 1991. More…
AETH is updated daily with data available up until the present date with a one month embargo. Warrants are available from 1995 to present and Exchange Traded Options (ETO) are available from 11 October 2006 to 31 December 2008. AETH provides information on time and sales, market depth, intraday, end of day and order book pricing. AETH is a unique SIRCA product and is exclusive to SIRCA Members..