Member Services

Access to all SIRCA Data

  SIRCA aims to give its members full and direct access to its data¬† through a single sign on solution, so that they can download and analyse when needed. In special cases wherein the Data Provider can not offer direct downloadable data our Members will need to request access to this data via the Contact Form. SIRCA then works with the Data Provider to gain access, and then distributes it to our members.

Data Smart Program

  SIRCA has launched a data service which does all the heavy lifting on any data collection that is available to members. On a chargeable consultancy basis, the ability to accept a brief and create bespoke analytical research input is now available to members. This could include building a fully developed analytics model or supporting an academic to develop their own model. Models can be developed in R, SQL or Python. If you would like to find out more about this new service please fill out the form here. We will be in contact to ensure we understand your needs, provide you with a scope of work and provide an initial cost estimate.