Visualisation of market events

We quite often get asked whether we can help provide some data to help with themes being discussed within tutorials or seminars. The chart below is one such attempt. This shows the movement in the Japanese Nikkei 225 benchmark between that fateful Friday 11th March and Tuesday 22nd March. The index data was sourced from Thomson Reuters Tick History, associated Reuters news data can be sourced from the Sirca Global News database.

We used Tibco Spotfire to render the N225 tick data into a line chart, and have done a simple label overlay highlighting two of the tragic news stories from that week, along with some labels showing open and closing N225 rates.

It is obviously possible to associate all relevant news stories with the price data and to visualise this. In fact this is probably one of the most active areas of research at present and helps to illustrate the role which Sirca plays in helping academics to work across disparate data sets and to find new ways of surfacing interesting data and analytics.