Sirca and Sense-T Partnership in the News

Sirca’s recently announced partnership with Sense-T has hit the headlines again!

The Age has run an article on this partnership and the potential that some of the technologies developed out of this collaboration can have in other areas, which has also piqued interest from the World Bank.

Sense-T founding director Ros Harvey says they are building a unique data ecosystem that app developers, non-governmental organisations, governments and others can innovate on. “It’s not just the [sensor] data, it’s how you combine that with the smarts of user-friendly apps to help people make better decisions,” Harvey says.

Sirca CEO Mike Briers, on Sirca’s knowledge of big data systems, also added “There’s a unique capability we developed because we have to deal with high-frequency data to a discerning audience like investment bankers who don’t want the system to go down for a second,” Briers says.

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