Highlights of the Latest Gateway Release

SIRCA is pleased to announce the latest release of SIRCA Gateway, which includes a number of new custom functions, notebook examples and new datasets.

We have also added some new short training videos to help our researchers get the most out of the platform, which you can access and view in the SIRCA Gateway Tips and Tricks section here.

Morningstar monthly data is now available up to July 2017. The following Data Collections have been updated:
  1. Price (Market Capitalisation Database)
  2. Company Fundamentals
  3. Corporate Actions
  4. Returns
  5. Reference
  6. Company Ownership
  7. Corporate Governance
  8. Property
  9. Returns

We have introduced a new custom function to Company Announcements -GetContent. This function is an extension to the Metadata and Single Download Search functions that allow users to import the announcement text from their returned results into a dataframe to enable text analytics. Please refer to the Advanced ACA notebook which provides examples on how to use this feature.

This feature was introduced in response to user feedback that the ability to process text analytics would be useful. To that end, we have updated the Advanced notebook to showcase an example using the Harvard IV4 dictionary to perform sentiment analysis against Company Announcements. If you have any questions on how to use it, or if you wish to provide further feedback, please use this form to contact us.

A summary of the most recent changes include:
  1. Morningstar data collection updated for July.
  2. GetContent Feature available now for Australian Company Announcements.
  3. Australian Company Announcements (ACA) has been added to Gateway, including new features to facilitate deeper analysis.
  4. SIRCA Gateway now has ASX ITCH raw data in csv format which has been included within the Price data collection. This data source is not normalised, preserving the ITCH message as received from ASX. We are currently working on generating a full order book view.
  5. Bulk download function has been added.

The next Gateway release will feature:

  1. New ASX Broker Trade Data
  2. Morningstar August Data Release

We are here to help

If you would like any further assistance for Gateway we are more than happy to help. Please send us your query via the contact form or request a demonstration. Please note that we have video tutorials available here that are continually being updated and refreshed for each release to help you understand the platform.