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Since our release of SIRCA Gateway we are pleased to share our latest updates, which include new custom functions, notebook examples and new data releases. For this month’s Gateway Tips and Tricks video we’ve focused on Australian Company Announcements.

Important reminder, our Legacy Portal will be decommissioned on 31 December 2017, please ensure you’ve registered for SIRCA Gateway. Please contact us here if you require any assistance with the registration process.

Morningstar monthly data is now available up to August 2017. The following Data Collections have been updated:
  1. Price (Market Capitalisation Database)
  2. Company Fundamentals
  3. Corporate Actions
  4. Returns
  5. Reference
  6. Company Ownership
  7. Corporate Governance
  8. Property
  9. Returns


Users of SIRCA’s Australian Company Announcements (ACA) service will be pleased to learn SIRCA has transferred the entire ACA collection to Gateway, where processing speeds are greatly reduced. The entire ACA collection can now be searched in a matter of minutes in Gateway. Boolean searching (AND, OR, NOT) within announcements is supported in Gateway, thanks to some clever behind the scenes Python programming, which only requires a user to specify the search criteria. A range of notebooks have been created and shared with all Gateway users, so everyone can quickly master the new methods – a Simple_Extraction notebook, which lets users make choices via a more traditional fixed format interface; a standard Notebook, demonstrating various common search requests in the very flexible Gateway manner; and an Advanced notebook, with an example where ACA targeted announcements are merged with intra-day prices to supply the raw elements of an event study. We invite you to experiment for yourself with these sample notebooks and to experience the ease with which Gateway works with Australian Company Announcements. To access, register now.

ASX Broker Trades Service

  1. SIRCA’s new ASX Broker Trades Service provides the Course of Sales data on a T+3 basis, with broker specific information fully disclosed.
  2. It contains a complete record of every trade transaction on every instrument, which is invaluable for maintaining a complete market history.
  3. The Basis of Quotation information is also available in this Service. The data for the ASX Broker Trades Service commences from January 2017.

ASX Broker Trades Service are only available in SIRCA Gateway and not in the Legacy Portal. Click here to here to register for SIRCA Gateway.

A summary of the most recent changes include:

  1. Morningstar data collection updated for August.
  2. New ASX Broker Trade Data now included in our Price Data Collection.
  3. GetContent Feature available now for Australian Company Announcements.
  4. Australian Company Announcements (ACA) has been added to Gateway, including new features to facilitate deeper analysis.
  5. SIRCA Gateway now has ASX ITCH raw data in csv format which has been included within the Price data collection. This data source is not normalised, preserving the ITCH message as received from ASX. We are currently working on generating a full order book view.
  6. Bulk download function has been added.

Tip of the Month

Using the Metadata search in Company Announcement, users can download up to 120,000 records at a time. This means that users can practically download an entire years worth of announcements metadata or the metadata associated with a company’s results announcement for the entire history at one time.
This compares favourably to the limit of 5,000 records in the legacy portal. For more information, the ACA standard notebook in Gateway demonstrates how to use the Metadata search.

We have added short 2 minute videos covering the following:
  1. How to conduct a simple download with ACA.
  2. Creating a notebook in Gateway
  3. Using a notebook in Gateway
  4. Linking two data tables in Gateway
  5. Bulk download data

You can access them here.
In addition to our SIRCA Gateway Tips & Tricks we also have helpful SIRCA WebLearn tutorials, which will help you get started with SIRCA Gateway. Please click here to access the videos.