Sirca News and Event Studies Workshop – Melbourne

Sirca invites members to attend a News and Event Studies Workshop in Melbourne on November 12th to coincide with the release of Thomson Reuters News Analytics sentiment scores to our members. Sirca’s senior market data analyst, Dr. Calum Robertson, will be leading the workshop and covering topics such as:

  • Overview of the content in Reuters Global News and Thomson Reuters News Analytics
  • Market Efficiency Theory: Numerical and Textual Information
  • Research into the Effect of News on the Efficiency of Financial Markets
  • The Applications and Limitations of Sentiment Scores in research and trading

If you are interested in attending please RSVP by Monday 5th of November 2012. Space is limited!

What: Sirca News and Event Studies Workshop.
When: Monday 12th November 2012 at 11am.
Where: Monash University, Caulfield Campus, Room H1.25.

Thomson Reuters News Analytics Sentiment Scores – Now Available!

Thomson Reuters News Analytics (TRNA) sentiment scores are now available for our members to access via the Data Library in the Member Portal. TRNA is a natural language processing system that reads and scores Reuters news articles in real time for algorithmic traders and market participants. The historical scores (on news back to 2003) from this system can be made available to members upon approval from Thomson Reuters and acceptance of the terms of use. Interested members are invited to submit a brief research synopsis outlining their intended research and data usage. Please contact us via the helpdesk using your Member Portal login here.

Global News / Reuters / downloading

Thomson Reuters has supported Sirca’s mission to support academic research into the financial markets for many years. The most recent extension of this support has meant that Sirca can provide academic members and subscribers with on-line access to a deep archive of Reuters news stories. This is of particular interest to academics who may be looking into the impact of breaking news stories on underlying asset prices.

Sirca’s global news archive provides access to Reuters news stories going back to 2003, complete with Reuters editorial tags, Thomson Reuters product meta data, millisecond time stamps, along with the headline and full news story.

This database is being used quite widely now amongst relevant Australia/NZ based academics. We are finding that some users are having problems downloading the full text of the news stories, these obviously being larger than the data associated with the other downloadable fields such as timestamp, headline, editorial tags etc. These problems manifest themselves as text overflowing into adjoining database cells, or text not appearing at all.

For basic downloads into Excel, follow these steps:

Download the required data in .CSV format. Open this file in Excel.

Make sure that the column containing the full text of the story is formatted as text, ie. highlight the columns headed “ACCUMULATED_STORY_TEXT” and “TAKE_TEXT”, (For Excel 2010, press and <1> and click on the “Number” tab, then highlight “Text” and press OK).

You will then need to make sure that the “Wrap text” box is checked under “Alignment” (For Excel 2010, press and <1> and click on the “Alignment” tab, then highlight the “Wrap text” box under “Text control”).

The full body of the news story should now obediently be contained within one cell, you can obviously check this by highlighting the cell.

The Global News database help file is a good resource. You can access this by clicking the “?” on the top right of the Global News user interface.