ASX Broker Trade Data

SIRCA Gateway now includes:
  1. SIRCA’s new ASX Broker Trades Service provides the Course of Sales data on a T+3 basis, with broker specific information fully disclosed.
  2. It contains a complete record of every trade transaction on every instrument, which is invaluable for maintaining a complete market history.
  3. The Basis of Quotation information is also available in this Service. The data for the ASX Broker Trades Service commences from January 2017.

Get Content Function

This SIRCA Gateway release includes:
  1. Morningstar data collection update for July.
  2. The ability to extract the content of Company announcement into a dataframe, without having to download all the data. This will also enable users to process the text data using python.
  3. A notebook to demonstrate how users can process text data from Company Announcements.

Australian Company Announcements

ACA (Standard) – All existing functionality has been migrated to Gateway, including the content and announcement header search, as well as the ability to selectively download or bulk download. The bulk download includes an index file, which is a feature that power users have asked SIRCA to retain. We have also included metadata download capability for users who only want to download the summary headline information without the pdf/text content.

SIRCA Gateway Release

SIRCA, the leading provider of data to academics in Australia and New Zealand, has announced the launch of a new collaborative analytics platform, SIRCA Gateway, to support researchers. The SIRCA Gateway will not only enable SIRCA members to access new and improved data sets, it offers advanced cloud-based tools to analyse vast amounts of information. It also lays the foundation to build new tools for teachers and students in undergraduate courses.

Please contact us if you wish to register for SIRCA Gateway.

SIRCA Data Library Update

From 9 AM to 11 AM on Wednesday, 20 July 2016 SIRCA will be updating the Data Library (DL) in order to provide more consistency to the data held within the DL repository. During this time there may be small disruptions to the SIRCA Member Portal.
The following changes are being implemented:
– The Australian Company Announcements (ACA) headline summaries will no longer be available via the DL, but they will continue to appear through the full ACA product, available here:
– The Financial Express Analytics (FE Analytics) application form will now be available via SIRCA’s Knowledge Base ( and no longer through a DL folder.
We hope the changes will improve your research experience within the SIRCA Data Library.

Australian Equities (AE) product update

SIRCA wish to advise our Members that the ASX market data which supports our Australian Equities (AE) product is currently available in the AE interface up to 31 May, 2016. We plan to provide access to the ASX ITCH data shortly and will confirm to our Members when the data becomes available for use.  

ASX ITCH Feed comes to SIRCA!

SIRCA wish to advise our Members that the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) are now providing SIRCA with the ITCH data feed. We are currently analysing this data feed as this will be the new source of data to support our Australian Equities (AE) product.

Our initial investigation has indicated that ITCH provides less detail than the former feed for AE. We are currently performing a full impact assessment and will share our findings with our AE users as we learn more about this new provision.

SIRCA Member Portal Refresh and release of our Australian Symbology Directory

The SIRCA maintenance today included a refresh of the Member Portal User Interface (UI).  We hope you like the look and feel of this more standardised layout!

Additionally, we are excited to introduce to our Members the new Australian Symbology Directory, a perfect companion to our recently released Symbology Visualisation Tool.

Please note that the Chi-X data within the Data Library (DL) is still re-populating following our maintenance and will be fully available again by midnight tonight.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We hope the changes we are making enhance your use of the SIRCA Member Portal and we welcome your feedback through  Thank you for your input – it enables us to continue improving your SIRCA research experience!

UPDATE as of 8pm 8/6/16: The Chi-X data is now fully available within the Data Library.

SIRCA Portal Maintenance: 8 June, 2016

Please be advised that SIRCA will be performing maintenance on our Member Portal from 9am-1.30pm on 8 June, 2016. The Member Portal, and all SIRCA datasets within, will be unavailable during this timeframe. We are excited to announce that this maintenance includes a refresh of the Member Portal User Interface and the introduction of SIRCA’s new Australian Symbology Directory, which complements our recently released Symbology Visualisation Tool.
The following updates within the Data Library (DL) are being implemented, providing more consistency to the data held within this repository:
  • The Australian Company Announcements headline summaries will no longer be updated via the DL, but they will continue to update through the full ACA product.
  • The ASX ShortSell Data has been streamlined into a single easy-access zip file, containing six CSV files, categorised by schema.
  • The application form to the Member Exclusive Financial Express Analytics service will now be readily available via our Knowledge Base.
We hope these changes enhance your use of the SIRCA Member Portal and welcome your feedback through
Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to improve your SIRCA research experience!

SIRCA Data Library Update

On Wednesday, 18 May 2016, SIRCA will be releasing the 2015 update to the Australian Share Prices and Price Relatives (SPPR) dataset – bringing the data available up to 31 December 2015. This release will also provide Members with the April 2016 update to the CoreLogic RP Data dataset.

Please note that the Data Library will be unavailable between 9:30am and 10:30am on Wednesday, 18 May 2016.

If you have any questions regarding this release, please email