SIRCA Data Library Update

On Wednesday 13 April, 2016, SIRCA will be releasing the latest update to the ASX ShortSell data – bringing the data available up to 31 March, 2016.  This data is available within the SIRCA Member Portal Data Library.  This release will also provide Members with the latest monthly updates to the CoreLogic RP Data dataset. Please note that the Data Library will be unavailable between 9:30am and 11:30am on Wednesday 13 April, 2016. If you have any questions regarding this release, please email

Global News Retiring

SIRCA wishes to inform our Members that we will be retiring the Global News product (currently available through the SIRCA portal); access will be discontinued on 21 December 2015.

Should you have suggestions about the provision of other datasets, please email these to: Additionally, should you have any questions regarding the retirement of this product, please email us on:

Thank you for your understanding.

Chi-X Australia – November Update Delayed

From November 25, Chi-X added warrants to their system. Due to this change there will be a delay in the November data update being released to our Members via our Data Library.

We apologise for this delay and will confirm when this data becomes available.

SIRCA’s Corporate Governance 2014 Update

SIRCA has released the latest update for the Corporate Governance dataset, providing company report details through to the end of 2014. Histories back to 2001 have been added for companies that became large during 2014, and our annual update process continued to gather data for companies that fell out of the largest 500 group during 2014.

Our Corporate Governance dataset is available through the Member Portal.

2012 Update to the Corporate Governance Database

The 2012 update to the Corporate Governance Database is now available via the Sirca Member Portal.

The latest edition contains Corporate Governance information for ASX listed companies with balance sheet dates to December 2012. Now included are records for foreign incorporated companies with primary listing on ASX and Australia incorporated companies reporting in foreign currencies.

Members are advised to pay close attention to the product documentation located via the Help button. If anyone requires assistance please be sure to lodge your enquiry via the Helpdesk function in the Member Portal.

AusEquities gets a boost!

Sirca Members using AusEquities should have noticed a boost in performance recently. The Sirca team have more than doubled the processing power dedicated to the AusEquities service resulting in jobs moving through the system much faster.

We’ve also added a dedicated processing system for “small” requests (50 instrument days or less – i.e. 4 instruments for 5 days history = 20 instrument days) which means that small requests get serviced quickly and are not queued behind large jobs.

As always, Sirca welcomes your feedback so feel free to let us know via the Helpdesk link in the Member Portal