SIRCA and RP Data Academic Partnership Announced

SIRCA and RP Data to create a new world of property data for students and researchers at Australia and New Zealand’s leading universities

Today SIRCA agreed to partner with RP Data to provide researchers from leading Universities with access to Australia’s largest property data collection. “Australia’s housing market is the most valuable and important asset class in the nation, worth an estimated $4.7 trillion. There is a natural appetite from academic institutions both domestically and around the world to gain access to data from Australia’s largest property database and analytics via their SIRCA affiliation” said Mike Briers, CEO of SIRCA.

“Better data leads to better research and ultimately better Government policy and importantly more efficient private sector investment” noted Professor Terry Walter, Chief Research Officer, SIRCA.  RP Data wants to ensure students and academics can gain exposure to Australia’s leading suite of property related analytics as well as raw data which can be used to further the analysis of property markets nationally.

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