Channel 7 Sunrise TV story on Stand-up Working featuring SIRCA

Channel 7’s breakfast TV show Sunrise visited SIRCA recently for a story they are doing about stand-up working. The fact SIRCA offer stand-up desks, a stand-up breakfast bar and of course have stand up meetings and scrums, has caught their interest from a recent feature article by Melinda Ham which featured SIRCA published in this month’s CPA magazine InTheBlack.

Sunrise Producer Katie Mazzolo and the Channel Seven crew interviewed Mike, Paul and Chris and filmed staff in stand-up meetings and working at our stand up desks. The segment is aired on Tuesday morning’s show.

Watch the video here.

Katie Mazzolo, Producer, Sunrise and Channel 7 camera man visit SIRCA

Sirca Welcomes A New Member

Sirca is pleased to announce that Victoria University of Wellington has recently joined us to bring our Membership base to 37!

Victoria University of Wellington has four campuses throughout Wellington, New Zealand.

On behalf of the Sirca community we wish you a very warm welcome!

Sirca Annual Survey Winner 2013

Sirca would like to thank everyone who completed our annual survey recently. The response was very insightful and we’re looking forward to working on some of the feedback over the coming months!

We are pleased to announce that Maria Strydom from Monash University has won the draw for an iPad Mini. Congratulations Maria we hope you enjoy it!